Friday, January 30, 2015

Maritime Injury And Death Offshore -

The Buzbee Law Firm has handled multiple cases involving maritime injury and wrongful death against Falcon Drilling, Diamond Offshore, H&P, Global Santa Fe, Transocean, Rowan Drilling, and all the major pipe laying companies. If you need someone who knows what they are doing, and knows how to win, The Buzbee Law Firm is the only option.

Maritime law is ancient–going back before the creation of the United States–and complicated. With its headquarters in Houston and Galveston, Texas and with the experience of representing hundred of Jones Act seaman and other maritime workers, the Buzbee Law Firm knows maritime law. Indeed, Buzbee is recognized as one of the very best in the business, in the entire Gulf Coast. When you have a serious offshore case, there is only one answer: The Buzbee Law Firm.

If you believe you have a claim covered under maritime law, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

Representative Matters

The firm has handled hundreds of maritime/offshore injury and death claims. A few selected case examples:

Represented 19 survivors of the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon explosion. All claims resolved on extremely favorable terms.
Derrickman hit by drilling pipe
Mud hand killed by exploding pipe
Wire line operator fell off walkway
Roustabout hit with crane load
Toolpusher hit with debris

Other cases:

Lead attorney for workers injured offshore during a rig collapse.
Handled hundreds of offshore injury cases for men (and a few women) injured due to negligence occurring on offshore drilling rigs and production platforms.
Handled hundreds of cases for workers injured while employed on vessels over water
The firm represented the Basque Government of Spain against a classification society relating to the sinking of the oil tanker PRESTIGE off the coast of Spain.
The firm has represented numerous longshoreman on third party claims.
The firm represented the Port of Galveston in a breach of contract and fraud case pertaining to the construction of an offshore vessel facility that was to be built in Galveston, Texas. The firm represented a company in a breach of contract case related to that same facility.

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